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Jul 27 11 6:56 PM

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Someone needs to show what true talent is on that America's got talent show!!!!!  I wanna see a trick rider on that show!!!!!!! ;) :o)

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Jul 27 11 7:30 PM

Its been investigated by a couple of trick riders.  Both had submitted tapes and the producers were interested however the producers wanted them to do it on that tiny little stage.  We tried and tried to figure out a way to do it, but it just wasn't going to happen safely.  The stage was just too small to make it work. 

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Jul 28 11 2:45 PM

Oh yes!! They could NOT do it on that tiny stage!! They would have to do it somewhere else. Someone told me they had seen them do some bike stuff outdoors before... I haven't seen that. It would be fun if someone could do it.... They don't know what true talent is!! lol

Valerie Brunhoeber

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Mar 30 12 9:19 AM

We had one here in the Netherlands with a program where you could start a bet.
If you made that bet, you win 1000 euros (about $1327).
He bet that he could vault from side to side 20 times in 45 seconds.
They did it outside on a trotting arena, so the horse wouldn't be stationing after a run and he could go on and on and on... but they should do it sometimes, yeah, it's such a beautifull sport, but not many people seem to know it... btw, the url is Dutch, he explains what he's going to do, because they don't know anything about trickin' XD

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